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Secret of X

>>> Pursue Excellence       

It is difficult for us at KMC to stay idle; we insist on continuous innovation to achieve better performance, through such things as creating lighter and more durable products to meet the demand of the market. In our pursuit of excellence, we respect the chain as the most important component on the bicycle and perfect it as such.

A True Racing Chain

<< Not only the lightest but also the best racing chain! >>

In 2000, KMC began to research and develop premium level X-Series 10 speed chain. In 2002, KMC began researching and manufacturing of Superlight Series Gold Chain: X-SL Superlight Series (hollow inner & outer plates and pin) and XL Series (hollow inner plates). Since its inception, many famous riders have shown through their use of KMC’s Golden X-SL chain that a bicycle chain is not merely a small piece of the drivetrain, but rather it is a vital component to enhance efficiency and performance.

The unique Double X Bridge and Optimal Chamfering design on each chain plate of the X Series enhances shifting performance through precise up and down shifting. Even though the chamfering creates an asymmetrical design, the chain is still non-directional and can be installed in any direction – this is a first for bicycle chains! Other important features include the highest pin power on the market and further weight reduction to maintain its status as the lightest chain.

◎ Functions ◎

Double X Bridge Design Highest Rigidity
Upgraded shifting efficiency and compatibility on all major systems. A more efficient power transfer of your energy output through the drivetrain to your rear wheel.
Optimal Chamfering Design Highest Durability
Superior shifting performance with chamfering in the places that you need it and without in the places that you don’t. With XX-SP treatment of chain parts, the X series 2.0 lasts longer and goes farther than any other chain on the market. 
Highest Pin Power Super Light Weight
 At over 400 kgf, the best pin power on the market allows shifting under heavy load and stressed conditions. The XSL continues its title as champion of the lightest chain on the market thanks to further weight reduction. A lighter bike equals more power with less energy.
Mud Shedding Design High Compatibility
Hollow plates allow mud and other debris to be expelled from the chain on all sides. Suitable for the majority of Road and Mountain bike systems including Campagnolo, Shimano, Sram.

Coating Technology
In addition to designing chains around function and strength, KMC has also made advances in the application of coating technology;

Titanium Carbon Nitride
The exceptional properties of TiCN Coating Technology enhance resistance to wear and friction. Less friction is a central facet to drivetrain efficiency which allows for smoother shifting and chain interaction with all drivetrain parts. In addition, the TiCN coating provides the eye-catching appearance of the KMC DLC chains that coats the chain plates a steak black color. The KMC DLC chains have been utilized on Specialized S-Works road bikes since 2009, and on the prestigious S-Works McLaren Tarmac in 2014.
Titanium Nitride Coated
The beauty and shiny gold color of KMC Gold Chain comes from the Titanium Nitride coating that creates an extremely smooth, yet hard surface to decrease friction and allow faster shifting. The special coating is also less susceptible to dirt, easier to clean, therefore retaining its function much longer than regular chains. The series chain is truly “the Champion Gold Chain”.
Eco-friendly: Eco ProTeQ Chain
In Northern Europe and some Western Europe countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, bicycles are an important means of transportation which require anti-rust chains like the KMC Eco ProTeQ(EPT) chain; less maintenance is necessary and they do not need to be replaced as often as non-protected chains. In addition, EPT’s superior corrosion resistance and enhanced chain performance is important for Cross Country and Cycle Cross riders who frequently navigate muddy courses.
The primary attribute of EPT chains is the significantly enhanced anti-corrosion/anti-rust coating with an added focus on a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. In addition to following all environment standards (RoHS, REACH, CPSIA, etc.), KMC factories reduce carbon emissions whenever possible. The new EPT treatment technology improves the chain protection by completely coating all the components to form a comprehensive and durable anti-corrosion surface. By substantially increasing the anti-rust coefficient, EPT is able to withstand 650 hours salt spray test without rusting. Furthermore, KMC’s leading technology allows EPT chains high pin power, high durability, and the best shifting performance. All of these advantages coalesce to give EPT chains the best anti-rust capabilities and optimal chain performance in the most adverse environments.

A Versatile Chain for Road & Mountain Bike

The X series Super Light Chain aided gold and silver medal victories at the Beijing Olympic MTB and Beijing Olympic Road Bike. Further evidence of X series Super Light Chain is shown in excellent reviews USA Mountain Bike Action magazine (MBA) and USA Road Bike Action magazine (RBA) as tested on premium drivetrain systems. X Super Light Series Chains were honored with 5 star grade levels (the highest level) by MBA magazine in 2009 and 2011.

ECO Solution
KMC attained Product Life Cycle Greenhouse Verification on Jan 3, 2012, and Certification of Carbon Footprint on Feb.6 by X10SL Superlight Chain. It allows KMC to be the first bicycle chain manufacturer to achieve the product life cycle greenhouse gas assertion; it is also means that KMC enters the ERA of carbon footprint in 2012.

KMC will strive to increase its green environmental competitively strengths; provide more high quality products with a focus on environmental protection allowing all consumers to obtain the green economical benefits of using KMC products. Through strict practice of environment protection, KMC allows the green transportation industry to become a green industry in reality.

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