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2014-03-05 [Design Awards] KMC City Hunter wins 2014 Red Dot Design Award

KMC is honored to have been further recognized for its City Hunter Chain by the 2014 Red Dot Design Award committee; this is in addition to being awarded the 2014 Taipei Cycle d&i  Award organized by iF.

Several years of experience being incorporated in bike sharing programs across the globe show that city chains must be extremely strong and rust resistant to ensure rider safety, enhanced comfort, and reduced maintenance. Considering these various demands from riders and bike sharing programs, KMC feels privileged to receive two design awards for its efforts to create the City Hunter Chain.

The City Hunter Chain has a unique oval-shaped outer plate and durable structure for improve transmission efficiency and chain strength; Double X StretchProof Hollow Pins enhance safety and comfort under heavy pedal load; nickel outer plates and shiny orange-coated inner plates provide rust protection and reduce maintenance frequency while also enhancing rider safety thanks to visibility. Furthermore, the color inner plates represent fashion and are a unique symbol of urban green transportation.

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